Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

To Vietnamese, ‘tre’ refers to the bamboo tree, one of the national cultural identities honouring vitality, durability and resilience. To the owners of Tre Dining, ‘tre’ represents Vietnam’s beauty and rich culture. By using bamboos as the primary material for Tre Dining’s interior and exterior, the restaurant gracefully reminds diners of the country’s traditions and identity.

The concept of Tre Dining is interesting, to say the least. Throughout the space, diners will be surrounded by reminders of Vietnamese tradition, and be served fusion cuisine. In other words, Tre is inducing an exciting fusion of many parts of the world through food and design. Though challenging to achieve as it may sound, this combination was executed to perfection by the brilliant team at Tre.

It would be a huge mistake not to mention the play of artificial light in Tre. The restaurant sees indirect lighting features in many spaces to induce an alluring and comfortable ambience. Enabling the moody atmosphere is a series of Unios’ lighting solutions. Famous for their high-quality lighting and timeless design, Unios’ luminaires assist with wayfinding, class elevation and mood creation.

Upon entering Tre, customers are immediately welcomed by a bamboo-filled entrance hallway. Following the stairs, lighted by the hidden Eclipse Linear Lights, to the upper level, Tre’s beautiful and purposeful dining space opens up charmingly. The place’s sections are separated by curved walls made of bamboo. At the foot of the walls sees the Aeon Flex. The luminaire casts indirect light upward from behind a concrete ledge to accentuate the wall’s texture. Alongside the Aeon Flex, the Eclipse Linear Lights were also hidden behind ledges to provide indirect illuminance on multiple linear bamboo walls.

Offering a low-profile extrusion and high-quality luminance, the Eclipse Linear Light is installed under the outdoor seating area, at the foot of the menu counter, atop the open kitchen and behind the bar for wayfinding and aesthetic alignment. Casambi controlled, the luminaire offers flexibility in colour illumination at the bar, allowing different moods to be channelled.

Assisting Tre Dining’s general lighting tasks is a combination of the Titanium Starlight and Particle. While the recessed Particle delivers a comfortable lighting environment with its low-glare and deep recessed body, the suspended Titanium Starlight offers a modern and timeless touch to the space.

Tre Dining’s desired representation of Vietnam’s culture truly comes to life with the addition of arts and decors. Shining light on these is the versatile illuminance of Unios’ Scope Spotlight. Comes with flexible beam angles and excellent accentuation effects, the luminaire is also seen at bar counters to highlight the eatery’s focal.


Architect: Nguyễn Quốc Long & Partners
Artwork: Viet Max
Lighting Distributor: Unios Vietnam
Photographer: Valor Studio

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