Melbourne, Australia

Cremorne Office Building, located in Melbourne (Australia), embraces a cool-toned palette and modern architecture that perfectly harness comfort and style. Practical and facilitated, this office space brings about new meaning to the conventional definition of offices as it becomes the home of creativity, efficiency, and connectivity.

Lighting proves itself significant in achieving the building’s purpose. Unios‘ lighting solutions, specifically, mark their presence in multiple spaces of the building to provide a consistent aesthetic throughout.

The prominent lighting hero of the building is, unquestionably, the Akira Suspended Lights. The luminaires light up multiple walkways and gather in the cafeteria for both lighting and visual effect. In particular, the kitchen sees a combination of the suspended Akira Round variation and customised grey panels; each complements the other beautifully to create a splendid ceiling focal. Pairing with the Akira to illuminate the room is the Eclipse. Exuding warm indirect light from the top of the kitchen bench, the luminaire brings comfort to occupants.

The Axis Surface Mounted is featured throughout the project. With a seamless white finish, optimal flexibility and superior colour rendering, the luminaire brings class and style into the space while creating a comfortable environment for employees connectivity.

Trust Projects
Architecture: SGKS Architects
Lighting supplier: Lights & Tracks
Photographer: Tania Lee Photography

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