Every architectural finish, material and detail comes to life with the 97+ range of luminaires. 97+ equipped luminaires achieve a level of colour rendering that is unmatched. The next generation of colour rendering technology has arrived.

Colour continues to be a key discussion point in the lighting industry. It is a subject that continues to evolve and change, with the primary metric of measuring colour accuracy – the Colour Rendering Index – being a significant point of discussion.

CRI is measured on a scale of 1 — 100, which indicates how accurately a light source renders colours in comparison to a natural light source (which has a CRI of 100).

However, two LED luminaires with a CRI of 92+ do not necessarily have the same colour rendering properties. The differences lie in how CRI is measured. An LED luminaire’s CRI is calculated by measuring CRI ratings for individual colours, which are then averaged out. But most CRI calculations only factor in a limited spectrum of colours — R1 to R8 (see diagram to the right).

Colours such as red (R9) and skin tone (R13) that are everywhere in our daily lives are not factored. By not factoring in R9 and R13 into the calculation of a luminaire’s CRI, a luminaire’s high CRI number can be misleading.

Reds can appear dull and skin tones can appear pale in luminaires with low values for R9 and R13. For supermarkets, showrooms, museums and art galleries – high values of R9 and R13 are paramount. Lighting manufacturers often do not communicate how their luminaires perform across the spectrum.

Above: Individual R values for the 97+ Series of luminaires. These luminaires are produced with a superior level of colour consistency (≤2 SDCM). Colour variation is essentially imperceptible to the eye.

The 97+ Series renders vivid colours across the entire spectrum with a CRI of 97+. These new flagship CRI 97+ luminaires have a typical value of 90 for R9 (red), which will make reds appear vivid and skin tones more accurate — pushing colour accuracy in LED luminaires to new levels.

The 97+ Series is available with the Titanium, Axis and Kobe Series or can be custom configured to other luminaires in our range for projects.

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