Premium Lighting has a rich history in Australia, a country whose climate and terrain prescribes an original and creative approach to lighting solutions.

Established over twenty years ago, the company’s focus on LED technology and design innovation began in earnest five years ago. Today they are a market leader and trailblazer in architectural lighting. With distributors across every state in Australia and now internationally, the company has become renowned for a product range that spans every aspect of a project. The product range has been specified in everything from high-end residential projects to landmark apartment complexes, to Ferrari showrooms and retail precincts.

Still relatively young as a company, Premium Lighting’s approach is persistently fluid and entrepreneurial in nature. Their ethos is to never stand still; to always move forward – innovation is the heartbeat of the organisation.

This innovative centre bleeds through every cornice…through research, design, manufacturing and customer service. With dedicated lighting experts and engineers in-house, the team is able to assist in every stage of planning a project — from lighting plans and specification to lighting calculations.

Henry Luong from Premium Lighting describes the company ethos thus:

“We believe lighting can have a profound effect on architecture, mood and people — so our lighting solutions are tailored to not just light a room but to shape a space. Light starts with a spark. An idea.”

As an Australian owned and operated company, they have always prided themselves on being a local company with a global reach. This means they are able to maintain their quality of local service whilst utilising the latest advancements in technology from around the world. They have also had the opportunity to work with award-winning designers from Australia and Europe. To date, they have collaborated with award-winning British designers Noovo and source parts from California, Japan and Taiwan.

Driven by the latest trends in architecture and technology, each product is meticulously engineered to be a balance of form and function. Extensive research and development are conducted to ensure strict quality standards are met in terms of efficiency, longevity and build — ultimately leading to products that are not only beautiful but will stand the test of time in Australian conditions.

LED technology has come a long way in recent years and with it, these innovations have brought improved benefits in sustainability, efficiency and price to Australian consumers. A LED product uses approximately 85% less energy than traditional forms of lighting, making them substantially more cost effective to run. All Premium Lighting products have a lifespan of 30,000 hours or more, which is 8-10 times longer than traditional lighting. With this longer lifespan comes little to no maintenance and a long-term warranty of 3+ years. As the LED sector continues to grow, Premium Lighting is positioned at the forefront of the industry in design and engineering.

Premium Lighting will be exhibiting at Decor + Design 2016, 21 – 24 July in Melbourne. As Henry notes:

“Decor + Design is Australia’s premier interiors event and is the perfect platform to showcase our extensive range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. We are excited to present new design innovation in our products and in our bespoke exhibition stand to designers and architects”.

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