As LED drivers play a critical role in the functionality of LED luminaires, we have re-designed the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver; produced to deliver power, control and trust for installation and operation.

A step up from the G1, the G2 is seamless in integration with class-leading features that deliver exceptional lighting performance and functionality even in the most confined spaces.

Providing a solution for every application, while maximising flexibility and power, the G2 Phase-Cut Driver will offer a flicker-free effect, potted enclosure, THD, dimming and reliability for your next project. In offering a flicker-free driver, the G2 provides various health benefits: reducing migraines, discomfort, and illness.

In support of the launch of the G2 Phase-Cut Driver and to showcase the various health benefits of this innovation, we have launched our second white paper: Driving the Flicker-Free Effect. This white paper is an informative read which will further educate the importance of flicker-free drivers in the lighting industry, exploring the effects of flicker (eye strain, malaise, nausea, panic attacks, anxiety and general discomfort) and proposing best practice solutions.

The Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver is the innovative, compatible and efficient way to regulate your LED lighting systems for all environments.

Start specifying this new driver for your next project.
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