With insight from some of Australia’s leading designers, consultants and lighting experts, the inaugural edition of Universal Light has come to life.

Published biannually, Universal Light is a celebration of light in all its diversity. Embarking on new conversations around emerging technologies and trends; this magazine aims to not only be an inspirational resource for the lighting curious but a beacon for excellent design. From the publication of Universal Light, you can expect conversations and knowledge to shift around lighting and its role in the future built environment.

In this inaugural edition of Universal Light, each industry leader provides great insight into how light intersects with their diverse disciplines. From a discussion on the progressive dark skies movement to a more responsive form of lighting that mimics the circadian cycle. Each article comprises of light – the specification of it, the design of it and the application of it.

Edition 1 will introduce you to expressive illustrations and editorial design to provide content that is both visually stimulating and educational. We hope you enjoy the first edition of Universal Light and that it sparks new conversations around present and future applications of lighting into the built environment.

#universallight is your comprehensive guide to the changing nature and specification of light.

Discover the exciting world of light.
For print enquiries or online publication, visit: Universal Light

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