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A new educational and design resource for the lighting curious

Universal Light is a celebration of light in all its diversity. It is a reflection on the changing nature of the lighting industry, that we embark on this journey to spark new conversations around emerging technologies and trends.

In a world where terms such as the internet of things, Human Centric Lighting and the dark skies movement are becoming increasingly commonplace, there is an appetite for new knowledge around lighting and its role in the future built environment.

In this inaugural edition of Universal Light, we have brought together some of Australia’s leading designers, consultants and lighting experts. In a desire to seek out a range of perspectives, we have engaged with a renowned design practice, a pioneer of the dark skies movement and many other industry leaders to provide insight into how light intersects with their disciplines.

Dan Cox, Director of Interior Design at Carr, shares his perspective on hotel lighting design in the context of the award-winning hotel, Jackalope. Without a doubt the most talked about hotel design in 2017, Jackalope is a window into Carr’s lighting-centric approach to a design project.

Andy Taylor, Technical Manager at Light Culture Australia, discusses a more responsive form of lighting that mimics the circadian cycle. In this edition, he takes a look into the science behind Human Centric Lighting and the practical benefits to our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Landon Bannister, State Manager of Southern Lighting & Distribution, explores how the excess artificial light spillage into our night skies is affecting wildlife and fauna. He goes on to describe the ongoing implications to society and the education and solutions required to address the issue for future generations.

These are just a few of the topics and themes covered in this first edition of Universal Light. Each contributor represents a unique part of our diverse industry. The common thread is light – the specification of it, the design of it and the application of it.

Printed and distributed biannually, Universal Light aims to not only be an inspirational resource for the lighting curious but a beacon for excellent design. Each edition will be stacked full of expressive illustration and editorial design to provide content that is both visually stimulating and educational. We hope each edition sparks new conversations around present and future applications of lighting into the built environment.