Dark times for our starry skies

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is an organisation that is working to help stop light pollution and protect the night skies. By having so much artificial light pollute the night sky, energy and money are wasted, wildlife is disrupted, and it has negative implications for human health. In essence, the IDA works to protect the

A human centric lighting vision

Light affects us in different ways; physically, emotionally and biologically. To society, light is imperative and acts as the most powerful regulator of the human day/night rhythm. In the simplest terms, light tells the body to be awake and alert during the daytime which allows us to experience the world around us.

Food for thought

Lighting design for hospitality projects is a demanding and convoluted task. Each space needs to appear visually interesting and intriguing while possessing a seamless integration of elements and materials that need to create an attractive whole.

There’s no place like home

Gone are the days of incandescent light bulbs and limited possibilities for your lighting choices. It’s 2018 and with the rapid movement of technology in addition to evolving, innovative design, luminaires come in all shapes and sizes to appropriately compliment and create moods for various architectural applications.