Our Culture

Together, we are shaking up the lighting industry

At Unios, you'll do great work in an environment where you can be yourself. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to make a real impact - at Unios and the world at large (after all, everyone needs lighting!).

Every day we collaborate to unlock the future potential of the lighting industry

We are a collection of thinkers, makers and doers. We approach every problem with a creative and digital mindset that not only makes our lights better but also helps us leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Our values

Always look for the assist

Everybody matters. We are a team first, we celebrate each other's differences and roll up our sleeves to help anyone who needs a helping hand.

We’re all in the driver’s seat

Each of us has the power to make a difference. We take pride and ownership in everything we do to deliver awesome work.

Support our supporters

Customers are our number one supporters. We all play a part in the customer journey to make every interaction a great experience.

Always improve your playbook

We perfect what we know and innovate what we don't. There's always a better way – and everyday we go after it.

Have fun with it!

Everybody wants to feel good. Be yourself, be respectful, be grateful and enjoyable to be around.

The Unios playbook

Amazing companies start with amazing individuals. We work collectively but thrive on every one being comfortable to be themselves.

Small team, huge impact

As a smaller fish in an enormous pond, we work with agility and efficiency to make a huge impact to many lives.

Learn rapidly and eagerly

In a constantly changing industry we need to learn fast and learn with a childlike sense of wonderment.

Make it great but make it

We want to make great things but that can be stalled by indecision — so make it great, but still make it.

Empowered in your domain

You will be empowered to take ownership and accountability in your domain to help drive positive change.

Leave the egos at the door

In everything we do, we are here to support each other and celebrate our shared success (no egos here).

Be yourself

Don’t be someone you are not — we encourage you to be yourself and be willing to speak freely.

Unios Culture Board

Women in Lighting

Unios is committed to supporting women and their contribution to the lighting industry by providing equal opportunities for career development, training and leadership roles. We also believe in bridging the gender gap by promoting workforce diversity and inclusion and partnering with industry organizations that share our values, including Women in Lighting Australia.


Every year, the entire Unios team get together for a series of not-so-friendly competitions, infamously known as the UniOlympics. It is our chance to explore our hidden talents and passions (aside from lighting, of course), in bubble soccer, speed eating, spaghetti tower building, paintball and rapping.

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone needs lighting. It does not matter who you are, where you live, your upbringing or your background. In order to provide the best solutions to the communities we live and work in, we need to be an organisation that is representative of everyone. As an organisation, we believe that diversity and inclusion open us to new ways of thinking, experience, and more importantly - a different perspective.

Behind the scenes

Behind everything we do, there’s always a laugh. We never take ourselves too seriously.

Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios
Behind the scenes at Unios

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