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A place for new arrivals, The Lineup is a showcase of Unios' latest ideas in lighting, featuring products that have just landed.

2024 Lineup
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Feb 27 → Mar 12
Icons of the Unios story, continue with new expressions

The New Dimensions lineup isn't about reshaping the role of lighting but instead expanding the horizons of what a light fixture can achieve.

Reimagine the staples of indoor and outdoor lighting

Introducing new and exciting perspectives to Unios' signature collections, this lineup unveils products that embody the essence that define our iconic lines.

Redefine what's possible

Effortlessly versatile, the ION S holds the transformative power to deliver universal product applicability across various projects while enhancing their architectural and design visions.

Beautifully robust

The Athena Bollard Light brings forth the Athena purpose of becoming a lighting partner for the outdoors – one that is reliable and considerate of its impacts on occupants and the surrounding environment.

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Featured products

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ION S Series

The ION S offers over 18,000 customisations, featuring various models, accessories, sizes and power options. Additionally, the track light variation is universally compatible across all track systems, ensuring seamless installation.

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Athena Bollard Light

With the latest TetraCoat technology, the Athena Bollard Light is built to endure challenging environments without compromise. Its innovative Sky Shield design ensures safe and comfortable navigation, mindful of its occupants and all that surrounds.

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