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Changing how the world views lighting

We are helping shape the future of the built environment by sharing our resources with the world.

Unios has a great website, good support and a good range of products and designs.

Susanne Thomassen

Senior Lighting Designer from Aurecon Australia

I like that Unios has a great website that's easy to navigate with easy-to-access IES files for every product.

Joanna Pan

Lighting Designer from JHA Consulting Engineers

They are forward-thinking with a great product website interface. I also like that they listen to customers.

Julie Van Der Ley

Senior Lighting Designer from IGS (Integrated Group Services)

  • Our digital-first approach is designed to win you back the most importance currency — time.
  • Our formula is simple and unwavering — design, performance and value without compromise.
  • We seek to change how society understands lighting by being an industry thought-leader.
  • We are committed to improving our sustainable credentials while continuing to innovate and finesse our craft.
Your lighting superpower

Unios Toolbox transforms outdated lighting processes into a wonderfully simple lighting selection, specification and scheduling experience.

Partnering with

Lighting Designers

We equip experts of all kinds with the best lighting selection tools on the market and a full suite of files (IES, BIM etc) to make their lives easier.

Engineering Consultants

We simplify lighting for engineering consultants with a one-stop-shop of readily available resources, from IES and REVIT files to detailed product comparisons.

Interior Designers & Architects

We take the technicality out of lighting for interior designers and architects with our easy-to-understand visual selection tools and on-demand pricing and availability.


We help builders save time and efficiently stay on top of their projects with our straightforward and informative product selection and project management platform.


We help developers of all shapes and sizes navigate the lighting minefield that can sometimes be overwhelming to maximise performance and value.

Electrical Contractors

We assist electrical contractors in unpacking project components with a comprehensive set of project information — from key products details to simplified instruction manuals.

Home Owners

We get homeowners inspired for their new project with jargon-free product information and an extensive library of real-life imagery references.

Lighting knowledge

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Kathryn and Martin Bevz’s Take on Interactive Light Art

Kathryn and Martin Bevz
Kathryn and Martin Bevz
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