Achieve the perfect ambience with sunset dimming technology.

The perfect ambience in residential and hospitality projects is now possible with revolutionary sunset dimming technology. Inspired by sunsets, the technology emulates the light of the sun going down. The Titanium Dusk Downlight delivers an innovative LED system that can be dimmed to 2,000 Kelvin.

In certain applications such as hotels and restaurants, a warmer atmosphere and ambience is desired. Previously, the only option to achieve this was through traditional halogen lamps. With the Titanium Dusk Downlight’s sunset dimming technology, this ambience can be achieved with state-of-the-art LEDs whilst reaping all the energy and performance benefits of LED technology.

Compared to traditional halogen and incandescent lamps, the Titanium Dusk Downlight uses up to 90% less power. With a lifetime of up to 70,000 hours (at L70) and an extensive 7 year warranty, this downlight series is unmatched in performance and energy savings.

Undimmed, this downlight produces a beautiful warm white (3,000 Kelvin) and can be smoothly dimmed down to an extra warm white (2,000 Kelvin). From warm white dimmed down to extra warm white, an impressive colour rendering index (Ra, CRI) of greater than 90 is achieved. This means an extremely high accuracy of colour is maintained even when dimmed down to the warmest of colour temperatures.

The dimming from 3,000K to 2,000K is effortlessly smooth and remains flicker-free with LED phase-cut dimmer or lighting automation systems such as DALI.

A deep-seated recessed design and virtually zero trim creates a minimalistic aesthetic that offers both superior visual comfort and low-glare as well as blending seamlessly into ceilings.

To meet the bespoke design and performance requirements of hotels and hospitality projects, the Titanium Dusk Series is available in textured black or white finishes with the option for custom powder coated colours to match any design scheme.

In addition to a spectrum of finishes, the range is available with a number of accessories that can enhance both design and performance. For applications where limited ceiling space is a consideration, the Titanium Dusk Downlight can be surface mounted with a canister to reduce installation complexity and offer design flexibility. Reduce glare with a range of lenses including honey comb, prismatic and frosted variations.

The pronounced impact effective lighting can have on mood and ambience is undeniable. The Titanium Dusk Series pairs the newest innovations in LED technology with dimming that can shape the atmosphere of any project.

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