The redevelopment of the Aeon Flex Linear Series takes a leap forward in manufacturing technology and provides a new level of application versatility.

The new Aeon Flex elegantly follows the contours of the built environment with the next generation of flexible linear lighting. The perfectly uniform and dot-free line of light is available for indoor and outdoor applications. With improved longevity, durability and flexibility – Aeon Flex is a cut above the rest.

The new 2835 SMD chip and a redesigned flexible circuit mean Aeon Flex can now achieve CRI 90+ and SDCM ≤2. Developed to provide excellent colour rendition and minimal colour deviation means you can be assured in the Aeon Flex’s colour performance for years to come. Confidently choose top or side-emitting in standard or mini widths all backed by a 5-year warranty.


Aeon Flex is available in two variations, Aeon Flex Pro and Aeon Flex Essential.

Manufactured from an advanced polyurethane material, the Aeon Flex Pro provides longevity and durability for outdoor applications. With an IP68 rating, Aeon Flex Pro is fully encapsulated to withstand the most demanding of environments, including underwater applications. There is potential for continuous run lengths of up to 24m in 5W is achieved by combining 5m increments.

The Aeon Flex Essential can achieve longer run lengths, faster turn-around and cost efficiencies due to the Australian-fabricated cut-to-length service. Manufactured from highest-grade extruded silicone material, the IP65 rating is for applications not exposed directly to the elements. A single run length of 17m can be cut and customised onsite if required due to the removable end cap design.

Combine Aeon Flex with a new suite of accessories to improve installation versatility and increase longevity.


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