We are thrilled to launch the complete 2020 Unios Catalogue. This catalogue provides a comprehensive guide to the universal range backed by the Unios Toolbox that provides digital access 24/7 to individual product specifications, BIM objects and installation guides.

In the 2020 edition, we place comfort, well-being and consistency as the focal points in product development. With new mounting options from flagship ranges to the introduction of Tunable White and Casambi Bluetooth technology – the 2020 catalogue is your ultimate guide with the most up-to-date data and information from Unios.

CRI 97+ technology achieves a superior level of colour rendering and is now available for a range of products. Many products in the range have been extended to include a new textured grey finish. The latest G2 Phase-Cut Driver’s flicker-free feature helps prevent known potential adverse health effects.

The 285-page catalogue illustrates our adaptive and universal product range and encapsulates the most up-to-date specifications, technology and application imagery.

Physical copies of the 2020 Unios Catalogue are available now or download your digital copy here. For any enquiries or questions regarding this new release, give us a call on +61 8 9248 1888 or email us at sales@unios.com.



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