In recent years, there has been an emphasis on designing with intent, from a lighting and general building design perspective. Both commercial and residential buildings are benefiting from a more long-term vision than they have in the past. Minimalism, functionality and sustainability are increasingly important as people are more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever before.

Lighting is playing a critical role in creating depth and warmth in both interior and exterior environments.

With every component precisely evaluated and considered, lighting is an essential element, but it can become so much more. Lighting designers and others involved in the building and construction industry are beginning to focus more on end-use benefits such as well-being and comfort. The resulting luminaire design trends emerging in 2020 incorporate an innovative approach to harmonious work and living spaces.

These top five standout lighting trends for 2020 are:



Greening the office

Integrating living, breathing walls into buildings benefits the inhabitants’ health. Living plants have been found to remove toxins, reduce stress, improve focus and increase creativity. The Unios Flo Series incorporates architectural lighting design aesthetics with horticulture lighting technology – perfect for greenscapes and indoor plants.



Portal Pendant Light

The Unios Portal Pendant Light is tunable white, allowing the user to set the perfect colour temperature. With three sizes that can be suspended vertically or horizontally, the Portal Pendant is the highlight to any architectural space. A result of elegant design and a unique optical trick, the Portal will enhance any space, from offices to hotels, restaurants and homes. The Portal is also Bluetooth enabled to offer an accessible smart lighting solution.



Linear Lighting

While linear lighting isn’t new, it is increasing in popularity year on year at a rapid pace. Its clean lines and sharp edges is becoming more prevalent in residential and office projects. Linear lighting can be used to follow the contours of architectural features, provide general lighting or provide a feature statement. Whether recessed, surface mounted or suspended – linear lighting provides flexibility that other types of lighting simply cannot.

Linear Lighting



Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting improves aesthetics while providing a functional benefit. The options are as extensive as interior lighting. The flexible and moveable Emerald Spike Spotlight can be used to create changeable signatures in exterior spaces. Fixed varieties of landscape lighting include pathway, handrail and bollards not only provide accessibility and safety but bring a contemporary aesthetic in the outdoor environment.

Landscape lighting



Flicker free technology

Providing a solution for every application, while maximising flexibility and power, Unios G2 drivers offer flicker-free operation, an improved dimming range and long term reliability. The driver is compliant with the IEEE 1789 standard. Unios is doing its part to help prevent known potential adverse health effects of inconsistent lighting.

At Unios, we take the complexity out of lighting by creating products and digital tools to transform how light affects the world around you. Find your local distributor or retailer to assist in developing your personal lighting signature.

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