The lighting specification process can vary greatly, from the back-of-the-envelope manual notes through to sophisticated CAD software downloads. Working closely with our distributors and commercial project managers, architects and builders, Unios have developed simple systems and outputs to streamline the lighting selection process and deliver specifications in multiple formats, so that we can ensure your expectations for a final project can be met.


What is lighting specification?

Lighting specification acts as the bridge between design conceptualisation and the finished product, without which it’s difficult to articulate everything that we require for a project.

The role of the lighting specification process is to document all the lighting products required to deliver a lighting design project. Although there are several different ways to present a lighting specification package, ideally the documentation is clear and concise and will itemise each product required in accordance with its purpose.

Within the specification document the details of each product will also be recorded including a brief description of the product, a manufacturers product ordering number, wattage, voltage, beam spreads, lamp type and colour temperature if required. Generally, this will manifest itself in a table, chart or matrix where the user can itemise the quantity of products required. Imagery of each product is useful to tie everything together as a visual reference point.


lighting specification process


Complications that arise for lighting specifiers

Every element of completing a building or design project gives rise to its own set of complications. Within a project team communication is crucial and can sometimes be one of the hardest aspects to manage. Collaboration is essential amongst all parties, this can include electrical engineers, architects, interior designers, acousticians and maybe other consultants. Lighting specification needs to tie in with the overall build and design specification format and all parties must have access to critical information relevant to their deadline and work-plan.

The preparation of specification documentation can be another source of complication for those involved in a lighting design project. If the necessary parties can’t put together all the documentation required, in the required format, then this can cause major problems when its time for installation..

Product substitution is another complication which can throw out budget or schedule. Knowing what you have access to during the specification process is essential for this reason, it allows all parties to progress knowing that the products they have selected will be available come installation. When these instances do arise, it’s essential to have a timely information sharing process with others involved in the project to collaborate on an effective solution.


How the Unios Toolbox simplifies lighting specification

The team at Unios has extensively researched the lighting specification process and created a simple specification tool with all the functionality to specify, download and collaborate in one place – the Unios Toolbox.

The Unios Toolbox is a simplified, synchronised method of specifying your lighting. The online tool provides a universal platform for configuring, bookmarking, specifying and collaborating on luminaires for any lighting project.

“Quality lighting specification is the basis for quality results”

The platform allows users ample information to compare alternative products, and clearly sort and identify the products required. With the product configuration tools, purpose-built luminaires can also be created by mixing and matching luminaires, electronic control gear and accessories for unlimited possibilities.

Added to this, team communication is made easy with the unique option to add collaborators to build a luminaire schedule collaboratively. This way everyone can bring their own unique perspective to the project in an organised and efficient fashion. With activity log feature, mistakes can be easily corrected and a previous iteration reinstated.

The Unios Toolbox also recognises that every organisation has their own workflow when it comes to lighting specification. Specification documentation can be exported at any stage during the process as an XLS or PDF file.


unios toolbox making lighting specification easier


All in all, the Unios Toolbox provides a smarter way to specify lighting to ensure lighting specifiers achieve the desired outcome the first time without complications.


How to streamline your next lighting specification process


Build the perfect product

With our product configuration tools, you can create purpose-built luminaires fit for projects of all shapes and sizes. Mix and match luminaires, electronic control gear and accessories for unlimited possibilities. Specification is easy with our step-by-step how to specify a product guide.


Bookmark configurations

For those luminaire configurations you specify often, bookmark them for easy access. Not sure what luminaire configurations you use most often? View the “Most Specified” list for the top 20 luminaires you have specified in your projects.


Export XLS and PDF luminaire schedules

Luminaire schedules have never been easier to generate. To streamline workflow for specification and scheduling, each project can be exported as both XLS and PDF files.


Download Data Sheets, Images IES Files and BIM Objects

Download the information you need to print, email, save or import ArchiCAD, Revit or Sketchup BIM Objects.


Collaborate with all involved

With project collaboration, you can efficiently collaborate with your colleagues and even distributors to build a schedule. With activity log, mistakes can be easily corrected and a previous iteration reinstated.


Send or Export Toolbox

Once you have collected all the products for your Product Toolbox, you can share, collaborate and download the specified luminaires for your project. Each Product Toolbox has a unique URL that can be continually shared and collaborated on.


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