After the successful launch of Universal Light in September 2018, we are proud to announce the much-anticipated second edition is here. The second edition comes as we further drive the message that light is critical to the built environment and is changing at a rapid pace.

The voice of Australia’s leading designers, consultants and lighting experts have spoken in this issue, with insight from the likes of an award-winning lighting designer, an expert on lumen depreciation and an analyser of lighting codes within Australia.

This publication is a profound study and celebration into the world of light. Each perspective and contribution brings new passion, knowledge and insight in a time of ground-breaking changes. It is in our ethos to share the message through this bi-annual publication; that artificial lighting is not just about the placement of lights, instead, a valuable design tool which influences the way we experience the world around us.

It is embedded in our nature to seek new knowledge and provide this invaluable insight back into the lighting community. This is the philosophy of Universal Light, and what drives the publication; to educate the importance of light and the advancements within the industry.

Discover the exciting world of light: Universal Light

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