24V DC Drivers
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24V DC Drivers

The 24V DC Driver ensures all luminaires within a single control deliver a constant voltage. Available in IP20 to IP68 ratings, with a range of non-dim, analogue-dim and DALI dim options, the 24V DC Driver is suitable for a wide range of landscape, linear, and wall recessed luminaires.

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A range of IP options

Available in a range of IP variations, including an IP68 rating option, allowing complete protection against dust, and can be immersed in water at a specified depth for prolonged periods.


3 dimming options

Choose between on-dim, analogue-dim and DALI-dim options to suit the project's requirements.


Compatible with a range of Unios' products

The 24V DC Driver is essential to a range of Unios' landscape, linear and recessed wall light series for its ability to provide a constant voltage across multiple luminaries on a single control.

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