Athena Bollard

Athena Bollard

Beautifully Robust

Informed by a deep understanding of industry needs and crafted with our clients in mind, the series stands as Unios' commitment to durability, comfort, safe movement and performance — everything you need in a bollard light and more.

Built to last

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A strategically positioned heatsink to withstand overheating of the LED over a prolonged period of operational time.

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IP66 with IP68 connection

Features a rigorously tested IP66 driver enclosure and IP68 glands to minimise water ingress through joints and terminations.

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The Athena’s body is forged with Unios' TetraCoat technology, a four-layered body construction method built for the world's harshest critics - Australian nature. Developed and rigorously tested by Unios, this method is a testament to unwavering reliability and endurance, even in the most demanding circumstances.

Coastal-grade Aluminium Substrate
Etching Surface Treatment
Bonded Primer Base Coat
Industrial-grade UV Treated Powder Top Coat
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Rated IK10, the Athena Bollard ensures rugged durability, resilience, and market-leading performance in outdoor settings.

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Purposeful spacing

By offering a widespread beam, the Athena can be spaced up to 10 metres apart depending on the P category. This reduces the required number of fixtures needed to achieve the desired level of illumination, resulting in lower energy consumption and operating costs, especially for commercial projects.

It’s all about the experience

Purposefully designed to exclusively offer warm CCT options and low glare even at high output, the Athena Bollard can elevate ambience while instilling a heightened sense of safety after dark.

  • With an advanced UV-stabilised lens and a specifically designed top for glare reduction, the Athena ensures a downward-focused and controlled beam.
  • Available in warm CCT options exclusively, the Athena can infuse outdoor spaces with a cosy tranquillity, allowing social gatherings or unwinding to take centre stage.
  • Offering controlled illumination covering an extended ground area, the Athena Bollard can discourage intruders by eliminating dark spots, effectively enhancing security for the users of the space.
Traditional Bollard
Athena Bollard

Less is more

0% ULWR with Sky Shield

By ensuring a downward-focused illumination, the Athena leaves little to no room for upward light waste at 2% ULWR for the standard model and 0% opting for the Sky Shield.

Designed for occupants

Controlled illumination, paired with warm CCT, means enhanced surrounding visibility and comfort, contributing to a safe and cosy space.

Environmentally conscious

Minimise light scattering and light pollution footprint with Athena Bollard's warm CCT options, including PC Amber, for reduced environmental impacts.

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  • Textured Black

Colour rendering index (CRI)

  • 90+

Colour temperature

  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • PC Amber (1800K)

IP rating

  • IP66


  • controlDali
  • controlNonDim


  • 3

LED Lifetime

  • >55,000h L90B10


  • TetraCoat Aluminium


  • 7 Years

Impact Protection (IK)

  • 10

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