FX 48V Spotlight
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FX 48V Spotlight

The FX 48V Spotlight is an outstanding contender for lighting contemporary settings, providing concentrated and focused illumination that rotates in all directions. Safe to touch, the luminaire can be easily installed into the FX 48V Track system through a magnetic connector.

Part of the FX 48V and Home Collection collections

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Product Summary

Available Models

S26 (26mm) Single Spotlight

S26 (26mm) Single Spotlight

  • LED Power:Up to 2W
  • Lumens:Up to 112lm
  • Beam:12° | 20°
S26 (26mm) Double Spotlight

S26 (26mm) Double Spotlight

  • LED Power:Up to 4W
  • Lumens:Up to 224lm
  • Beam:12° | 20°
S40 (40mm) Single Spotlight

S40 (40mm) Single Spotlight

  • LED Power:Up to 11W
  • Lumens:Up to 828lm
  • Beam:18° | 33°
S40 (40mm) Double Spotlight

S40 (40mm) Double Spotlight

  • LED Power:Up to 22W
  • Lumens:Up to 1656lm
  • Beam:18° | 33°
S60 (60mm) Single Spotlight

S60 (60mm) Single Spotlight

  • LED Power:Up to 18W
  • Lumens:Up to 1721lm
  • Beam:24° | 36°



  • Textured Black/Black
  • Textured Black/Gold
  • Textured Black/White
  • Textured White/Black
  • Textured White/Gold
  • Textured White/White

Colour rendering index (CRI)

  • 92+

Colour temperature

  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K

IP rating

  • IP20


  • Up to


  • 1-10V dimmable
  • Casambi Bluetooth
  • DALI


  • 2
  • 3

LED Lifetime

  • >60,000h L80B10


  • Powder Coated Aluminium

Primary Optics

  • Honeycomb Louvre
  • Linear Lens

Unified Glare Rating

  • <10
  • <16


  • 5 Years


  • Class III


  • 90°


  • 355°


FX 48V Spotlight3D ModelsZIP 10.5 MB

Part of the FX Collection

Mix and match between 5 different luminaire options within the collection to create different lighting designs and effects, perfectly adaptable to your ever-changing lighting needs.

Hero ACMI_CCHero-004.jpeg
Hero ACMIMelbourne, Australia
LED_Stirling Cafe_FULLRES_00004.jpeg
Thirty Five StirlingAdelaide, Australia
fitzpatrick + partners_UNIOS_6_9castlereagh_109-HDR.jpeg
Casa Nostra Caffe_DSC_0701.jpeg
Casa Nostra CaffePerth, Australia
Jungsoo Jungwon 7.jpeg
Jungsoo JungwonGeonggi-do, South Korea
Jungsoo Jungwon 4.jpeg
Jungsoo JungwonGeonggi-do, South Korea


Designed to provide maximum illumination flexibility, where the beam can be directed precisely where needed.

COI compliance

Specific models are compliant with the Cyanosis Observation Index, suitable for visual detection of cyanosis in healthcare applications.

CRI 90+

Designed to maintain the object's natural colour with an outstanding colour performance at CRI 90+.
FX Spot-Feature4.jpg

Single and double configuration

Comes with single and double spotlight variations, the FX 48V Spotlight enables the ability to create lighting effects adaptable to its surrounding.

FX Spot-Feature3.jpg

A miniturised spotlight

The perfect balance between size and luminous lux that provide a clean aesthetic while ensuring optimal visual comfort and minimal glare.

Jungsoo Jungwon 3.jpeg

DALI without the bulk

The FX 48V Track Series features the miniaturisation of DALI componentry, accomplished through Tridonic DALI DC-String technology, for a visually indiscernible track system.


Crafted in Australia

Our Crafted in Australia products are hand-assembled by Australian lighting fabricators to allow for customisations ranging from beam angles and optics to finishes and fascias.


Safe to touch

As part of the FX Collection, the FX 48V Spotlight is safe to touch (SELV), allowing seamless luminaire changeability and ease of maintenance, perfect for wall and ceiling applications.

Perfect for

Perfect For - Hospitality.jpeg

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