Unios DALI Remote Driver Series
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Unios DALI Remote Driver Series

Complying with the DALI-2’s rigorous quality standards, the Unios DALI Driver offers the highest level of interoperability, functionality and performance. Comes in 5 models, each with 8 adjustable outputs, this driver is an outstanding contender that enhances lighting control capabilities.

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1kV surge protection

Equipped with built-in surge protection, protecting internal electronic components and allowing the driver to withstand up to sudden 1kV high-voltage spikes.


An additional option to basic dimming through a simple push button while maintaining a dimming control consistency between drivers.

Temprature (TA) up to 50°C

Rated to operate at an ambient temperature while maintaining a 50,000h lifetime rating, ensuring reliability in high-temperature environments.
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Market-leading specs

Engineered and tested meticulously to meet the rigorous DALI- 2 standards, the Unios DALI drivers deliver the best-in-class quality when specified for your projects.

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Competitive pricing

Thanks to the local supply chain, the Unios DALI drivers can offer 5 models and compatibility with most Unios products at a competitive price.

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Quick turnaround

With stocks available at Unios local facilities, the Unios DALI drivers offer a significantly shorter lead time compared to the market's norms.

5-year warranty

With a 5-year warranty, have extra peace of mind when specifying this luminaire for your project.

Lasting lifetime

Offers a lasting lifetime and ensures the specified luminaire's performance is consistent until the end of the service life.

Power factor (PF) >0.90

Has a PF>0.90 across the entire input range and typically operates at 0.95, reducing equipment size, cost and unnecessary loads on the electrical and overall system.

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