Unios G2 Flicker-Free Remote Driver Series
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Unios G2 Flicker-Free Remote Driver Series

Compliant with the IEEE 1789 'No Observable Effect' standard, the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver assists in preventing known potential adverse health effects. Providing flicker-free illumination, an improved dimming range and long-term reliability, the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver is the solution suitable for every application.

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1kV surge protection

Equipped with built-in surge protection, protecting internal electronic components and allowing the driver to withstand up to sudden 1kV high-voltage spikes.

Temprature (TA) up to 50°C

Rated to operate at an ambient temperature while maintaining a 50,000h lifetime rating, ensuring reliability in high-temperature environments.

2 stage driver topology

Through an active input noise filter, the driver minimises power supply fluctuation and the Zellweger ripple effect, ensuring a flicker-free illumination.
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Designed for occupants' wellbeing

By eliminating flicker in the observable range, the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver offers occupants a range of health benefits, including reducing migraines, eye strain, panic attacks and anxiety. Especially for people with epilepsy or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who are highly sensitive to flicker and light, flicker-free illumination would help reduce symptoms and discomfort.

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The Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver provides a smooth and stable power supply to LED luminaires that eliminate flicker to the human eyes.

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Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 10%

By reducing harmonic currents, the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver achieves a cleaner load to the overall power supply at THD measurement of <10%.

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Potted enclosure

By having the internal components completely potted, the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver allows for improved heat dissipation, vibration protection and reduced internal physical and thermal stress, effectively improving operational reliability over time.

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Practical health benefits for occupants

The Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver eliminates temporal light artefacts and interference with motion and electronic imaging devices, some leading causes of distraction and headaches. Opting for the Unios G2 Phase-Cut Driver means an overall improvement in health and wellbeing.

5-year warranty

With a 5-year warranty, have extra peace of mind when specifying this luminaire for your project.

Lasting lifetime

Offers a lasting lifetime and ensures the specified luminaire's performance is consistent until the end of the service life.

Power factor (PF) >0.90

Has a PF>0.90 across the entire input range and typically operates at 0.95, reducing equipment size, cost and unnecessary loads on the electrical and overall system.

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