Universal Light is a biannual magazine written by lighting experts for the lighting specifier community.

With contributions from some of Australia’s leading practitioners and renowned designers, Universal Light gives insight into the growing recognition and importance of lighting in architecture.

Published by Unios, Universal Light comes together in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading voices in lighting and design. More than a collection of case studies and products, the platform moves the conversation towards advancing technologies, the changing nature of specification and the maturation of digital innovations. Universal Light seeks to spread a unified passion for light for all environments.

About the Publisher

Unios believe in light as an extension of every surface, every structure – enriching everyday experiences through light. By blending precise design and engineering, they bring light to life in all its diversity. As agile makers of light, they shape and build luminaires that blend aesthetics and technology. Unios luminaires help define and accentuate the environments we live and work in; now and in the future.


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