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From the Editor: Edition 4

It is no secret that industries such as engineering and construction have historically had a typical employee. In the new hyper-competitive business landscape, organisations need to innovate and disrupt, not continue to do things the same way. Diversity and inclusion are highly advantageous as it opens organisations to new ways of thinking, varied backgrounds and professional experience and importantly a different perspective. 

In today’s global economy, organisations must continually adapt to change and improve their product offering in order to survive. In this environment, true diversity and inclusion should be valued as the gateway to securing competitive advantage; fostering the organisational attributes that business leaders are hungry for – creativity, innovation, resilience and teamwork. 

And yet, it is no secret that women continue to be underrepresented in engineering and construction industries worldwide. So what conversations are we having in the lighting world with respect to diversity and inclusion? How are we actively creating opportunities for women across all technical disciplines and levels of leadership? 

These questions should prompt all of us to pause and reflect on our contribution to gender representation within the lighting industry. While curating this edition of Universal Light, I have reflected upon my own journey at Unios, how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. It is more important than ever that we look within our own organisations and value diversity to enhance our view.

Everyone needs lighting. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, your upbringing or your background. In order to provide the best solutions to the communities we live and work in, we need to foster an industry that is representative of everyone. This stands true from the way we imagine luminaires in the future right through to the lighting designs we deliver to the world.

This edition of Universal Light is showcasing thought leadership across many aspects of the lighting and construction industry. These eleven women come from many different disciplines and backgrounds. They provide a snippet of their experiences in their work and in the workplace.

Diversity in whatever form –gender, ethniticy, race, age, physical ability, etc. – can only broaden our perspectives and provide unique viewpoints that we haven’t considered previously. Diversity keeps organisations relevant to the clients they serve.

This edition of Universal Light seeks to spark conversations throughout the industry around the valuable contributions of women. But foremost, it is a showcase of excellence. We can all agree excellence is universal. This is a showcase of eleven individuals who are doing incredible things and serves to encourage the next generations of designers, consultants, project managers and entrepreneurs.

Henry Luong
Brand Manager /Unios