Explore the diverse aspects of light and the lighting industry with Universal Light Edition 6

With 10 global contributors, Universal Light once again returns with a new edition exploring lighting through the lens of industry professionals whose works in technology, sustainability, cultural preservation have helped shape our understanding of the built environment.

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A Consumer-centred Approach to Retail Lighting

In the October/22 article, Damian de Wind, Project Lighting Manager of Mondoluce, discussed the transformation in retail lighting approaches as shopping centres adopt customer-centric lighting method that concentrates on people, their needs and their holistic experience.

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Living with Light Edition 1 | An ode to residential lighting design

With 16 project features spanning over 180 pages, the first volume of Living with Light stands as a resounding celebration of residential architecture and design from around the world. Get a digital copy of the book to explore how light and space can shape the home and enrich our living experience.

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A Look into the Past, Present and Future of Facade Lighting in China

In the September/22 article, Universal Light had the opportunity to sit down with Rebecca Wong, Principal Lighting Designer and Associate Director, and Benjamin Chan, Director of Shenzhen region, from LWK + Partners to discuss the past, present and future of facade lighting techniques and trends in China.

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Software-driven Approach to Standardization Matter of Necessity

In the August/22 article, Universal Light had the opportunity to feature Timo Pakkala, the founder of Casambi, and his stance on Casambi joining the Connectivity Standards Alliance, officially backing the new Matter Standard. The article brings insight into the innovative visions of Casambi and the significant importance of Matter Standard to the lighting industry at present and in years to come.

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Vespa G2 Wall Light - Indirect Brilliance

A wall luminaire equipped with a 40° asymmetrical light beam for minimal glare and no colour aberrations at high output. Comes in 2 distinct output options, the Vespa G2 is an outstanding contender for indirect lighting applications.

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Unios welcomes the second Light Showroom in Southeast Asia

Unios announces the opening of the Hanoi Chelsea Showroom through a grand celebration of light and lighting experiences. The event, named Living with Light, stays true to the name as it guides guests through an interactive adventure of illuminance and the stories of light.

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The Athena Collection

A meticulously designed luminaire range with leading colour consistency and resistance to impacts and corrosion. Comes with two models, four mounting options and over 800 variations, the Crafted in Australia luminaire range is versatile and can cater to projects of all sizes.

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Infinity Views Residence

Nested into the cliff side, with a panoramic view of the Swan River and beyond, this three-storey singular residence is one of a kind addition to the Perth high-end architecture landscape.

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First Light Edition 2

Through 17 inspiring projects across Australia and Asia, First Light Edition 2 examines lighting in a range of historical sites, hotels, retail outlets, places of work, family homes, restaurants, and bars. The publication by Unios is a journey of exploration into the transformational relationship between light and the environments we occupy.

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Customise Your LX Infinity Linear Light

The LX Configurator enables you to select custom lengths, shapes, optics, finishes and mounting options. View the render on screens then output live shop drawing and consolidated IES files instantly.


A smarter way to specify lighting

Welcome to a simplified and synchronised lighting specification platform. The Unios Toolbox provides a universal platform for configuring, bookmarking, specifying and collaborating on luminaires for any project.

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Build the perfect product

Every project presents unique lighting challenges that calls for the optimal product. With our product configuration tools, you can create purpose-built luminaires fit for projects of all shapes and sizes. Mix and match luminaires, electronic control gear and accessories for unlimited possibilities.


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Bookmark configurations

For those luminaire configurations you specify often, bookmark them for easy access. Not sure what luminaire configurations you use most often? View the “Most Specified” list for the top 20 luminaires you have specified in your projects. With bookmarking, navigating and specifying becomes only a few clicks away.


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Export XLS and PDF luminaire schedules

We understand every organisation has their own workflow when it comes to lighting specification. To streamline workflow for specification and scheduling, each project can be exported as both XLS and PDF files. Luminaire schedules have never been easier to generate.


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Collaborate with all involved

Add collaborators to build a luminaire schedule collaboratively. Everyone brings a different perspective to a project. With project collaboration, you can efficiently collaborate with your colleagues and even distributors to build a schedule. With activity log, mistakes can be easily corrected and a previous iteration reinstated.


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Luminaire configurations at your fingertips ready for specifying in your next project

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Luminaire families to suit any design, installation or performance parameter

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Accessories to deliver customisation of light output, design and performance

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Drivers to suit any dimming system including Phase Cut and Tridonic or Osram DALI

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