Perth, Australia

In early 2021, Kitchen Warehouse – an online and in-store retailer – moved to a new head office and home base better suited for their remote-based workforce. Western Architecture Studio purposefully designed this new working space to encourage a vibrant, adaptive and inclusive work culture and environment for the Kitchen Warehouse team.

With a decentralised structure consisting of team members located in various locations, from Perth to the Philippines and Europe, the Kitchen Warehouse HQ aims to bring together a scattered workforce, both digitally and in-person, and provide a defined sense of identity.

When Kitchen Warehouse acquired the North Fremantle office building, the insular layout, poor natural light, low ceilings and mazing partitions obscured the space’s vast potential. As a starting point, the interior was stripped back to its bare shell, revealing a tall, long space with north-facing arched windows – a focal feature of early 2000s buildings. From here, the design intent was to keep this external façade clean, with an open internal layout, resisting function or enclosed spaces. The arched form also became a recurring theme, replicated and mirrored throughout the office.

From the early stages, lighting has played a crucial role in creating defined zones and functions within the open space. With generously-proportioned windows, the whole office is flooded with ample natural light throughout the day. In addition, artificial light sources also play a role in balancing the atmosphere, highlighting zones, and aiding the reading and definition of the office structure in the absence of physical barriers.

Rid itself of the formal reception, one of the entrance’s highlighting features is the Z-shaped LX Infinity Honeycomb suspended from the ceiling, creating a focal point for the space.

Initially, the central corridor was long, thin, and low. To expand the perception of space, ceilings were removed and services reconciled to allow the design to play off the enlarged dimensions – implanting a graphical perspective distortion to stretch the length and applying a bold colour to tie the two sides together. As a well-rounded product range, the Titanium Series is featured throughout this office space. The Titanium Downlights are recessed and suspended along walkways, meeting lighting requirements for occupants to move safely between spaces. Meanwhile, the Titanium Suspended Starlights are positioned atop the cafeteria counter, fulfilling task lighting needs.

An open-plan design promotes flexible and informal interaction. Carefully arranged suspended acoustic panels and suspended LX Infinity Louvre Linear Light as task lighting defined workstations. The LX renders uninterrupted lighting distribution while minimising glare with its louvre design, perfect for the office environment.

The new Kitchen Warehouse HQ is the perfect representative of the team’s progressive values as a family business and a place where staff can be proud and make their own.


Project Credits

Architect: Western Architecture Studio
Builder: Western Projects
Lighting Supplier: Mondoluce
Photographer: Andrew Purvis

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