Adelaide, Australia

North Adelaide home is the definition of comfort and solitude. The intention was to create a dwelling that combines privacy and intimacy through a series of spaces that nestle comfortably next to each other. An exquisite pairing of indirect lighting and a warm palette of timber and stones successfully brought this aesthetic to life.

A series of Unios’ wall luminaires supports the home’s masterful play of light. First, the Zeron Mini welcomes visitors with its warm lumination at the home’s entrance, followed by the black textured Tourmaline Wall Light. Designed to exude a warm wash of soft indirect light from its minimal rounded cube form, the Tourmaline Wall Light effortlessly induces coziness and serenity into the home. Finally, the Vespa Wall Light makes itself known in the bathroom with its minimal outlook and seamless upward light beam.

Adding depth to the space, the North Adelaide home sees the Axis Downlight and the Shift Out work to provide general illumination. Meanwhile, the Tourmaline acts as an indirect light source that ideally creates visual interest. In the kitchen, meeting task lighting needs, the FX Darklight brings optimum visual comfort with its low-glare capabilities and discreet design.

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Lighting Supplier: LED Outdoor + Architectural
Architect: Scott Salisbury Homes
Builder: Scott Salisbury Homes
Photographer: Josh Geelen

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