Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Breaking the common office mould of concrete blocks and white walls, Mr Green’s Office follows a unique ‘outdoor office’ concept that induces calmness and creativity in the middle of the hustled city.

The office welcomes visitors and embraces employees in the combination of natural lighting, rich greenery and contrasting palettes. Specifically, vibrant green arguably conflicts with the cold tones of metal, which was used prominently in the office. Yet, the contrast effectively induces a sense of freshness and elegance into the space. This aesthetic is highlighted further under Unios’ lighting solutions.

Assisting wayfinding from the lift through the corridor leading to the office is the Titanium Downlight. Minimal, sleek, and featuring excellent glare reduction, the luminaire is also installed in the meeting room for optimal comfort, effectively aiding employees’ efficiency and creativity. In addition, the Kobe track illuminates the beautiful gardens and adds to a modern and classy main office.

Mr Green’s Office has two separate working spaces connected by a small corridor, on which the Titanium Semi Recessed and Eclipse Strip Light illuminate beautifully. Not just for lighting tasks, these luminaires, especially the warm light of Eclipse, also assist the overall minimal and contemporary aesthetics of the space.


Architect & Interior Designer: MIA Design Studio
Electrical Contractor: Thanh Phat Deco
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