FX 48V Track Series
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FX 48V Track Series

Safe-to-touch, flexible and adaptable, the FX 48V Track System allows endless possibilities with easy luminaire installation and changeability within the track through a magnetic connector, and an extensive selection of track joiners and connectors. Featuring built-in DALI and available in recessed, surface mounted, and suspended options, the FX 48V Track Series provides flexibility in design while maintaining a sleek finish.

Part of the FX 48V collection

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An adaptable magnetic track

With the magnetic connector, the FX 48V Track Series offers an effortless and tool-free mix and match of luminaires within the FX 48V collection in the same track, allowing the ultimate flexibility in a range of applications.


Part of the FX Collection

Mix and match between 5 different luminaire options within the collection to create different lighting designs and effects, perfectly adaptable to your ever-changing lighting needs.

LED_North Adelaide Home_017.jpeg
North Adelaide HomeAdelaide, Australia
Hero ACMI_CCHero-004.jpeg
Hero ACMIMelbourne, Australia
Casa Nostra Caffe_DSC_0701.jpeg
Casa Nostra CaffePerth, Australia
Grand Mercure Hanoi (46).jpeg
Grand MercureHanoi, Vietnam
LED_Stirling Cafe_FULLRES_00003.jpeg
Thirty Five StirlingAdelaide, Australia

Safe to touch

As part of the FX Collection, the FX 48V Darklight is safe to touch (SELV), allowing seamless luminaire changeability and ease of maintenance, perfect for wall and ceiling applications.

Hero ACMI_CCHero-215.jpeg

Perfect for wall and ceiling applications

Perfect for wall and ceiling applications, the FX Track opens the possibilities for creative lighting design in any project, from residential to commercial.

FX Track-Feature.png

DALI without the bulk

The FX 48V Track Series features the miniaturisation of DALI componentry, accomplished through Tridonic DALI DC-String technology, for a visually indiscernible track system.

Mobilia 16.jpeg

DALI DC-String

Tridonic DALI DC-String technology allows 48V power and control signals to pass through the same circuit while physically separating the DALI bus from the FX Track.

Perfect for

Perfect For - Hospitality.jpeg