Node Recessed Darklight
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Node Recessed Darklight

Unios' Node Series downlights feature darklight technology for maximum visual comfort and efficiency. Engineered to meet commercial and high-end residential specifications, the series includes three collections: Recessed, Adjustable, and IP65 Darklight. The Node Recessed is available in a variety of sizes and power options, ideal for spaces with limited vertical clearance.

Part of the Node collection

Available Models

Node 1

  • LED Power:Up to 2W
  • Lumens:Up to 183lm
  • Beam:46°

Node 5

  • LED Power:Up to 10W
  • Lumens:Up to 894lm
  • Beam:46°

Node 10

  • LED Power:Up to 20W
  • Lumens:Up to 1860lm
  • Beam:46°

Node 15

  • LED Power:Up to 30W
  • Lumens:Up to 2444lm
  • Beam:46°



  • Textured Black
  • Textured White/Black

Colour rendering index (CRI)

  • 92+

Colour temperature

  • 3000K
  • 4000K

IP rating

  • IP20


  • Up to


  • DALI
  • Phase-cut dimmable
  • Phase Pulse
  • Non-dim


  • 3

LED Lifetime

  • >66,000h L90B10


  • Powder Coated Aluminium


Node Recessed Darklight3D ModelsZIP 4.1 MB

Part of the Node Collection

Featured in the Node Collection, the Node Recessed is especially advantageous as its variations do not exceed 52mm in height, thus providing various lumen options regardless of ceiling restrictions.

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Mercedes showroom 22.jpg
VSA Mercedes-Benz ShowroomHanoi, Vietnam
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Mercedes showroom 20.jpg

Darklight technology

The Node has an ultra-low UGR of <10, making it the ideal solution for environments where glare control and visual comfort are top priorities.


"Invisible" light

The Node creates mood and ambience by hiding the light source or, more precisely, minimising their presence within the field of peripheral vision.

COI compliance

Specific models are compliant with the Cyanosis Observation Index, suitable for visual detection of cyanosis in healthcare applications.

CRI 90+

Designed to maintain the object's natural colour with an outstanding colour performance at CRI 90+.

Lasting lifetime

Offers a lasting lifetime and ensures the specified luminaire's performance is consistent until the end of the service life.

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