Particle Downlight
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Particle Downlight

The Particle Downlight is the ultimate combination of form, function, and technology, available in four distinct sizes. With its deep-recessed design and precise lens technology, it creates comfortable environments with 20° of adjustability and beam angles of 15°, 24°, and 36°.

Part of the Particle collection

Available Models

Micro (52mm)

  • LED Power:Up to 2W
  • Lumens:Up to 151lm
  • Beam:15° | 24° | 36°

Small (75mm)

  • LED Power:Up to 9W
  • Lumens:Up to 673lm
  • Beam:15° | 24° | 36°

Medium (125mm)

  • LED Power:Up to 18W
  • Lumens:Up to 1933lm
  • Beam:15° | 24° | 36°

Large (150mm)

  • LED Power:Up to 30W
  • Lumens:Up to 2520lm
  • Beam:15° | 24° | 36°



  • Textured Black
  • Textured White/Black

Colour rendering index (CRI)

  • 90+
  • 92+

Colour temperature

  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K

IP rating

  • IP44


  • Up to


  • DALI
  • Phase-cut dimmable
  • Phase Pulse
  • Non-dim


  • 2
  • 3

LED Lifetime

  • >50,000h L80B10
  • >55,000h L90B10


  • Powder Coated Aluminium


Particle Downlight3D ModelsZIP 4.5 MB

Part of the Particle Collection

As part of the Particle Collection, the Particle Downlight is designed as a genuine all-rounder, just as comfortable in residential as in commercial applications.

20220718 - Tre Dining 36.jpeg
Tre DiningHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Adelaide Oval Hotel_DSC_7889-Edit.jpeg
Oval HotelAdeleide, Australia
Adelaide Oval Hotel_DSC_7839-Edit.jpeg
Oval HotelAdeleide, Australia
Tam Dao_TRC_4087.jpeg
Tam DaoVinh Phuc, Vietnam
Prestige Homes Philip St - 15.jpeg
Prestige HomesPerth, Australia

CRI 92+

Designed to maintain the object's natural colour with an outstanding colour performance at CRI 92+.

Low glare

Ensures minimal glare even when performing at high output for maximum visual comfort.

COI compliance

Specific models are compliant with the Cyanosis Observation Index, suitable for visual detection of cyanosis in healthcare applications.

Lens technology

With the application of lens technology, the Particle Downlight enables complete control over light distribution, producing a precise beam while minimising undesirable light spills.


Crafted in Australia

Our Crafted in Australia products are hand-assembled by Australian lighting fabricators to allow for customisations ranging from beam angles and optics to finishes and fascias.


Universal design philosophy

Not only engineered for performance, but the entire Unios product range is also meticulously designed to follow a minimalistic approach, providing a timeless and contemporary touch to every project. 


Unios signature textured finishes

Carefully selected to meet the modern lighting and architectural design requirements, each of Unios's signature Textured White (RAL 9003), Black (RAL 9005) and Grey (RAL 9023) finish is created to provide a sense of coherence when multiple Unios fixtures are specified in a project.

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