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Collis St HouseMelbourne, Australia




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Melbourne, Australia

May 2023


Every aspect of Collis St House has been thoughtfully designed to exude a sense of calm and spaciousness. From the minimalist interior to the open layout and expansive alfresco area, the residence offers a seamless flow of energy. The cool, muted tones that fill the space create a soothing ambience, embracing light and neutral shades as the primary palette.

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One of the notable features of Collis St House is its strategic northern orientation, allowing abundant natural light to flood the living space. The interaction between light and shadows accentuates the textures and materials used throughout the home. As dusk settles, multiple light layers play, enhancing the peaceful atmosphere. Warm light emanates from wall and downlight fixtures, enveloping the interior in tranquillity and serenity.

Collis St House's integration of a European lighting design ethos into every architectural and lighting element sets it apart. The luminaires are discreetly featured in textured white, seamlessly blending into the ceiling and minimising their presence. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the lighting design remains unobtrusive, allowing the overall aesthetic to take centre stage.

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The Titanium Collection illuminates the kitchen and bedroom areas, providing a soft and inviting glow for general lighting. Meanwhile, the Kobe Track offers flexible directional illumination for the living space, enabling residents to create moods and highlight specific areas. By combining minimalist elegance, warm lighting, and harmonious integration of nature, this residence offers a sanctuary for its occupants, allowing them to unwind and find solace.

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