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Embracing maximalist elegance in architecture and design
ND HouseĐà Nẵng, Vietnam



In the coastal haven of Da Nang, Vietnam, the ND House stands as a testament to architectural innovation, its geometric allure captivating architects and interior designers alike. Beyond its unassuming façade lies a realm of opulence and creative expression waiting to be explored.

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Đà Nẵng, Vietnam


ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00257--2.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00096.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00167--.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00653--.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_04645--.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_04654-.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00003-.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00139--.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_04692-.jpeg
ND House Da Nang_LFStudio.VN_00057--.jpeg

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