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Prestige HomesPerth, Australia




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Perth, Australia

July 2022


To foster the desired serenity of the home, high-quality artificial light comes without saying. Prestige Homes’ lighting aligns with the home’s modern aesthetics, accentuates the interior and offers high-quality illuminance for comfort. Enabling this masterful play of artificial light is a variety of Unios’ luminaires.

Prestige Homes sees the Particle works with the Titanium Downlight for general lighting tasks. Bringing light to the living room and the outdoor dining space, the minimal and high-performing duo works wonders in creating a modern space that is also safe to move around. Additionally, in its recessed and surface-mounted variations, the Titanium casts warm illuminance down on the wooden furniture in the common areas and the kitchen, effectively accentuating the interior while harnessing a cozy vibe for Prestige Homes.

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In the study, the Kinetic flexibly illuminates the table surface, enhancing the working and reading experiences. Connecting areas of Prestige Homes is a light-filled hallway. Purposefully lit, the area features the FX Orb for wayfinding and the FX Wallwasher for artwork accentuation.

In the bathroom, the Helix Wall Light makes the perfect addition to the vanity. With a high colour rendering ability, the luminaire assists activities such as grooming or touch-ups. At the same time, the fixture’s minimal design work harmoniously with the Titanium Starlight to bring about a sense of luxury to the space. For ambient lighting needs, the high-performing Apex brings warm light to the whole room, embracing the area in a comfortable atmosphere.

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Unios’ LX Infinity is featured in the garage. Designed for visual comfort, engineered for performance and available in many variations, this luminaire is a versatile option for general lighting needs.

Completing Prestige Homes’ masterful play of light is the purposeful installation of outdoor luminaires. At the front, the home’s address and mailbox are accentuated by a warm uplight from the Cluster. At the home’s entrance, the Titanium Semi-recessed Downlight welcomes incomers with warm illumination. In the backyard, the Emerald highlights the trees in the small courtyard and next to the pool, effectively adding to the home’s coziness. In addition, the Athena brings light to the backyard’s pathway to assist with safe movement and wayfinding at night.

In a premium location with proximity to excellent schools, boutique shopping and gourmet restaurants, this home is perfect for any family.

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