ION S Series

ION S Series

Redefine what’s possible

A new chapter for adaptivity

In pursuit of unparalleled versatility, the ION S Series is designed to redefine spaces and elevate the atmosphere in every project it illuminates. Forging the next chapter of the award-winning ION Collection, the ION S continues the essence of universality with a seamless blend of form and function.


A lighting solution for every space

The ION Collection boasts exceptional versatility, presenting a cutting-edge lighting solution. Its outstanding adaptability, performance, function and beauty make it a one-stop lighting choice for every space.

  • The ION Collection elevates gallery and museum spaces with unmatched aesthetics, precision, and adjustability. This highly adaptive solution inspires creativity and creates outstanding atmosphere for an immersive art experience.
  • Captivate attention with a combination of ION R and ION S to evenly illuminate elongated surfaces like bottle shelves and bars, precisely highlight objects of interest, or imbue the space with a moody ambience.
  • Whether cosily warm or dynamically cool hues, wallwashing or accent, the ION Collection enhances restaurant spaces with a blend of allure and elegance, guides visitors and connects the areas.
  • With its high customisability, the ION Collection can cater to a wide range of lighting requirements, whether it is general or task lighting, indoor or outdoor, achieving diverse architectural scenarios and various styles in dynamic working environments.
  • Available in a diverse range of models, the ION Collection can meet your home's general, accent and task lighting needs, ensuring optimal comfortable ambience while highlighting architectural features and objects of interest across different areas.

A universal solution

Available in 18,000+ customisations, the ION S Series can be configured to meet the aesthetic and lighting intents of any space. For track applications, the ION S Track Light is universally compatible across all track systems, ensuring seamless installation.

Application flexibility

Offers unparalleled beam angle accuracy and adjustability of 120° tilt and 355° rotation, the ION S is an all-in-one solution that brings your design to life.

Compact innovation

By strategically positioning the driver outside of the body, the ION S Series achieves a remarkable 20% size reduction while enhancing lighting output. This ensures both aesthetics and performance for your lighting and design needs.

Shaping brilliance

With framing, zoom and focus capabilities, the ION S Framer is an ideal solution for multiple occasions, from outlining artworks and highlighting displays with an impressive CRI 97+ to defining hospitality sections for an intimate experience.

A canvas of lighting possibilities


Precisely accentuate the outline of artworks and artefacts with endless framing possibilities created by the Framer Shutter.


Softens and blurs the framing edges of the lighting spread, directing flawlessly focused illumination on the objects of interest.


Accommodates diverse ceiling heights, providing crisp illumination for objects of various sizes from up to 8 metres away using a rotating ring.


Adds a unique touch of visual interest by projecting logos or scenic elements onto surfaces using the Gobo lens.

An option for every scene

With an extensive range of secondary optics and accessories, the series confidently fulfils an array of lighting needs across diverse settings. Explore the ION S's beam output options.

Beam standard.webp
Beam elliptical.webp
Beam softened.webp
Beam wallwash.webp
Beam framing.webp
Redefining versatility

Configurable in a variety of models, accessories, sizes and power options, the ION S Series is crafted to meet any space's aesthetic requirements.

ION S Hospitality.webp

In hospitality spaces, the ION S Framer can be used to precisely illuminate dining areas without lighting hotspots, ensuring an exclusive ambience and a premium dining experience.

ION S (Wallwasher) for Office_Compressed.jpg

From open-plan offices to individual workstations, the ION S Wallwasher model can illuminate key work areas and cultivate a conducive work environment through uniform vertical lighting.

ION S Retail.webp

Offering unparalleled application flexibility and ultra-low glare, the ION S Track Light can tailor to diverse merchandising settings to showcase products without distraction.

ION S Residential.webp

The ION S Spotlight can enhance the depth and sophistication of your home by precisely accentuating objects of interest or architectural elements with its 120° tilt and 355° rotation.

Illuminating beyond boundaries

The ION S series, with remarkable modularity, is a dynamic and customisable lighting solution that amplifies illuminating potentials and intents.



  • Textured Black/Black
  • Textured Black/Gold
  • Textured Black/Metallic
  • Textured Black/White
  • Textured White/Black
  • Textured White/Gold
  • Textured White/Metallic
  • Textured White/White

Colour rendering index (CRI)

  • 92+
  • 97+ (Framer)

Colour temperature

  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 2700K-6500K

IP rating

  • IP20


  • Up to 91lm/W (Track and Spotlight)
  • Up to 44lm/W (Framer)


  • Phase-cut
  • DALI
  • Bluetooth
  • Tempo Dim (Track only)


  • 2

LED Lifetime

  • >55,000h L90B10

Secondary Optics

  • Honeycomb Louvre
  • Linear Lens
  • Softening Diffuser

Unified Glare Rating

  • <10 (Framer)
  • <13


  • 5 Years

Compatible accessories

  • Gobo Lens adaptor


  • +90°
  • -30°


  • 355°

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