ION S Track Light
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ION S Track Light

Designed to seamlessly integrate with both our MX Track Series and other track systems, the ION S Track Light is a versatile solution for all spaces. Its compact design, powerful performance, and diverse accessory options make it ideal for various design and lighting intents.

Part of the ION S collection

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Product Summary

Available Models



  • LED Power:Up to 8W
  • Lumens:Up to 650lm
  • Beam:11° | 21° | 45°
Wallwasher Medium

Wallwasher Medium

  • LED Power:Up to 18W
  • Lumens:Up to 1598lm
  • Beam:60°


  • LED Power:Up to 18W
  • Lumens:Up to 1870lm
  • Beam:22° | 40° | 50° | 60°
Wallwasher Large

Wallwasher Large

  • LED Power:Up to 32W
  • Lumens:Up to 2451lm
  • Beam:65°


  • LED Power:Up to 32W
  • Lumens:Up to 3275lm
  • Beam:30° | 45° | 50° | 60°



  • Textured Black/Black
  • Textured Black/Gold
  • Textured Black/Metallic
  • Textured Black/White
  • Textured White/Black
  • Textured White/Gold
  • Textured White/Metallic
  • Textured White/White

Colour rendering index (CRI)

  • 92+

Colour temperature

  • 2700K
  • 2700K-6500K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K

IP rating

  • IP20


  • Up to


  • Casambi Bluetooth
  • DALI
  • Phase-cut dimmable
  • Tempo


  • 2
  • 3

LED Lifetime

  • >55,000h L80B10
  • >55,000h L90B10


  • Powder Coated Aluminium

Primary Optics

  • Honeycomb Louvre
  • Linear Lens
  • Softening Diffuser

Unified Glare Rating

  • <10
  • <13
  • <16
  • <19


  • 5 Years


  • Class II


  • 120°


  • 355°


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ION S - Universal track compatibility.png

Universal track compatibility

For track applications, the ION S Track Light is universally compatible across all track systems, ensuring seamless installation.

ION S - Tempo Dim_Compressed.jpg

Tempo Dim

Simple manual dimming control, perfect for illuminating objects that require precise light settings.

ION S - Part of the award-winning ION Collection.png

Part of the award-winning ION Collection

The award-winning ION Collection boasts exceptional application versatility, presenting a cutting-edge lighting solution. Its outstanding adaptability, performance, function and beauty make it a one-stop lighting choice for every space.

Framer for Hospitality 1.png
ION S Residential.webp
ION S Deconstructed.png

Redefine what's possible

With 18,000+ customisations, the ION S Series is an all-in-one solution that is meticulously crafted to redefine spaces and enhance the atmosphere in every project it illuminates.

ION S Application flexibility_Compressed.png

Application flexibility

Offers unparalleled beam angle accuracy and adjustability of 120° tilt and 355° rotation, the ION S is an all-in-one solution that brings your design to life.

ION S Compact innovation_Compressed.png

Compact innovation

By strategically positioning the driver outside of the body, the ION S Series achieves a remarkable 20% size reduction while enhancing lighting output. This ensures both aesthetics and performance for your lighting and design needs.


Pair the luminaire with Casambi Bluetooth for an effortless smart lighting system right in your smart devices.

Tunable white

Change colour temperatures throughout the day to assist the natural circadian rhythms with colour-tuning technology.

Ultra-low glare

Ensures minimal glare and maximum visual comfort even when operating at high output thanks to an extensive array of secondary optic choices.
ION R-Beam - Hotspot.png

One series. Multiple beam options

Take your design further with our extensive range of beam options. Customise the ION to deliver the right lighting effect to your projects.


Crafted in Australia

Our Crafted in Australia products are hand-assembled by Australian lighting fabricators to allow for customisations ranging from beam angles and optics to finishes and fascias.

CRI 92+

Designed to maintain the object's natural colour with an outstanding colour performance at CRI 92+.

Lasting lifetime

Offers a lasting lifetime and ensures the specified luminaire's performance is consistent until the end of the service life.


Meets the industry's highest colour consistency standard in LED lighting for assured colour consistency over the product's operational lifetime.

Perfect for

Perfect For - Hospitality.jpeg

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