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Lighting Hallmarc a prestigious Melbourne office
Hallmarc OfficeMelbourne, Australia



As companies are demanding more from their workplaces than ever before, lighting one of Melbourne’s leading industrial property developers meant a variety of requirements had to be met at Hallmarc’s office on Collins Street.

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Melbourne, Australia


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Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_054.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_211.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_068.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_116.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_271.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_222.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_155.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_225.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_120.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_299.jpeg
Hallmarc Office_UNIOS20190826_9_257_Collins_Street_061.jpeg

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A homage to the Unios culture and local artistry

Unios Melbourne OfficeMelbourne, Australia

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