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Hanoi, Vietnam

August 2022

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Embracing diversity and inclusion while promoting connection and collaboration, this new office possesses an open layout with a contemporary yet traditional interior. As a technology leader, Microsoft equips the workplace with the latest technology and facility, taking everyone into consideration, including the disabled community.

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With an advanced lighting system from Unios, luminaires are programmed to automatically adjust light intensity and temperature according to occupants’ needs. In meeting rooms, the LX Infinity Honeycomb provides just the right amount of task light with minimal glare. Additionally, the FX Wallwasher provides directional accent lighting to highlight certain interior features throughout the office. Finally, the Titanium Downlights and Starlights are suspended for ambience lighting needs from the ceiling. Their minimal and sleek design blends in perfectly with the overall design.

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In addition to the smart technologies, the Microsoft office in Hanoi also carries many cultural symbols of Vietnam, such as bronze drums, lotus flowers, bamboo, and tiles, creating a sense of uniqueness unseen in any other Microsoft office.

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