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BOHO Decor OfficeHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam




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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

August 2022

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The office’s communal spaces and public areas, such as the reception desk and display areas, are built in a centralised space, called “The Core”, and sectioned off through eye-catching colours suitable to their designated functionality. Workstations are arranged enveloping The Core to keep employees focused while removing any surrounding distractions.

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One of the features that set BOHO Décor Office apart is their approach to space categorisation. Instead of solid walls, the design divided the space through colour blocks, geometric details and see-through glass to improve visibility and team-based interactions.

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In addition, the office is equipped with lighting solutions from Unios that can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment and circadian rhythms. The office utilises the Mirage Downlights for general ambience lighting needs for shared spaces, while the LX Infinity Honeycomb lights up workstations. When it comes to highlighting specific architectural features, the Shift In does the job perfectly with its 30-degree adjustability. This lighting system not only helps balance the mood but also enhances the overall space’s aesthetics and atmosphere.

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